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Thexia......Dynamite for the Soul......

Explore and clarify your understandings for a better world,
from a practical and spiritual perspective.

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Thexia   Thought Expansion Workshops
     Thexia Workshop,  10 AM to 4 PM   

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A Being can view from any location.   A Being can heal the body   A being can have Telepathy
A being has ABILITY.... and lots of it...

A Being is not constructed of Matter, Energy, Space or Time
A Being is a Sourcepoint of Matter, Energy, Space and Time
A Being can ANIMATE Matter and Energy in Space Through Time

Release your ENERGY, give yourself more TIME, Create your own  SPACE and recognise what really MATTERs for you
Time and Space painting.
Energy, Time and Space, Being and Thought, Emotion, Knowing and Understanding, Communication, Magic and Butterflies.
Energy and Matter, What is Matter ? ..... Creating the things that MATTER to you.......
Drop the weights, the burdens off your life... the Matter that's stuck to you and holds you back... your Baggage... something the matter ?
Laugh and recognize the simple you.... make the stuff of life Disappear and Re-Appear....

Telephone Ian : 0783 7778 246        EMAIL NOW:>>> ian@thexia.org

Ian Moore is the founder of Thexia, From the Greek 'Theta' meaning 'THOUGHT or SOUL'  and Latin 'Ex' meaning OUT
Thexia means Soul Explosion or Soul Exit'
Thexia is not just a lecture.... we DO stuff.... Exercises... Drills and Skills...You are just gonna' Explode!

Thexia......Dynamite for the Soul......
Practical and Active Workshops

The motto of Thexia is 'This time we made it!'   BOOK NOW

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