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The Creative Robotics Weekend Workshop LEVEL 1:

  Click for a Video of the Bimblebot!  (30 sec. download)

The Workshop is not only for Children!  

Electronics and Robotics are fascinating subjects to all ages!

 The 'Bimblebot' is not just a simple Kit, It has been designed  for the Workshops, and is built from all the individual components! ...not just a Click together kit.

 YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO SOLDER!    an excellent challenge!  

After the weekend the Robot you have built is yours to keep!

The Creative Robotics Weekend Workshop LEVEL 2: 


Build it yourself! on this great weekend workshop!    Also available as a KIT to build at home!

We have Designed the Miracle board especially for our series of workshops. Designed with 'Training' and 'General Purpose' in mind, this versatile board enables you to work on many projects i.e. Animated sculptures, motor movement, controlling temperature, powerful equipment, lights, make strange noises, control large robots, servo motors, wacky inventions, teach it to play games, and so much more....the list is endless.


It has the latest Micro-Computer Called the 'AVR Tiny 26' that operates at 1 million instructions per second! Teach it to perform any task, re-programmable as many times as you like!

A CD with The Programming language 'BASIC' & Tutor programs are also included !

the Basic Language is the ideal way to program the Miracle Board as it is easy to learn, and quick to design your project...its also fantastic FUN!!!!

With many Expansion boards also available you can add relays, optical sensors, keypads and an LCD screen  making your projects even easier to control. If you have Completed LEVEL 1 'Build your own Computer Controlled Robot', you will also learn how you can 'Upgrade' your Bimblebot, you will learn so much on LEVEL 2 that you could re-program your Bimblebot, add sensor switches or a sounder for wacky noises or flashing's up to you, you're the inventor!....   

On LEVEL 3 you will add an LCD Screen to the Miracle Board and program games amongst other things! You will also build a miracle extension which alows you to control Stepper Motors and Servo Motors helping you to make wonderful automated projects!

Book Now for a  Miracle Board (Level 2) and 2 full days tuition! 

only 95.00  (Parent & Child Special 120)

The Two day Workshops run from 10 am to 4 pm on both days, 

Refreshments are provided, please bring a packed lunch for each day.

Details of Local B&B and Camping can be sent by checking the box on the Booking Form.

Its easy to book online, you will be sent a Confirmation letter with all details a map and what to bring etc,

We ask for a 20 deposit with the balance on arrival. Join in the fun and book now.....!!!

TO BOOK NOW!!!!!     


ONE STUDENT: 95  (Adult or Child over 11 years)

PARENT & CHILD SPECIAL: 120  (1 Adult and 1 Student of any age, building 1 Robot)  

We have discovered that this option makes a fantastic opportunity for a parent and child to do something great together! It works very well.....young or old.   

3 OR MORE STUDENTS: 85 each  (Multiple Booking, each building their own Robot)


We have had great feedback, for example:
Peter ' The best weekend of my life!' 

Charles ' The robot weekend was a really enjoyable weekend and I'm looking forward to level 2' 

Leon ' The people here were very friendly and helpful' 

Nick ' Well presented and informative brilliant weekend.' 

Kieren 'Cool and Amazing!'

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